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About Arbitration Moot

MediateGuru aims at promoting ADR mechanisms and nurture a strong ADR culture around the globe. In pursuance of our goal, After the grand success of the 1st International Arbitration Moot 2021 and on request from participants and universities from diverse jurisdictions, MediateGuru is pleased to organise the 2nd International Arbitration Moot 2022.

In furtherance of MediateGuru's initial aim to promote ADR practices, this competition will focus on providing a practical exposure to ADR enthusiast law students on Arbitration.

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Why should you participate in Arbitration competition?

Arbitration often is less costly than court litigation, primarily due to the compressed schedule for the completion of discovery and trial. The judge is assigned by the court without input from the parties. Thus, arbitration affords the parties the ability to select the decider, whereas court litigation does not.


Arbitration is growing at faster pace in present times and the generation of today must be well equipped with practical exposure of Arbitration and must have understanding of how it works.

Theme – Theme of 2nd International Arbitration Moot 2022 would be

“Commercial Arbitration”


Important Dates

  1. Registration Open: 15th March 2022

  2. Launch of Arbitration Moot Problem – 1st June 2022

  3. Registration Closes: 1st October 2022

  4. Last date to seek clarification – 6th October 2022

  5. Last date to submit Memorials – 9th October 2022

  6. Training session for 2nd IAM – 12th October 2022

  7. Preliminary Round 1 – 13th October 2022

Organized Files

Registration Process

  • Each team shall register to the competition by filling in their details in the following button

  • On receipt of the duly filled Preliminary registration form the organisation shall respond to the participating team, acknowledging the receipt and mentioning the step to conclude Final Registration. Each team will have 3 days to conclude their Final Registration, after communication of Successful Preliminary Registration.

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